Signage Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

We are highly experienced sign installers in Perth WA.

We specialise in both signage installation and sign removal – as well as sign maintenance, so if you have signage that needs either installing or removing in Perth WA, we can help you.

We are available from the start of your project through to the completion. We carry out initial site surveys, providing feedback & advice based on our 25+ years of experience. We ensure all timeframes are met and any budgets are agreed well in advance.

We have a diverse range of sign contractors. We make sure the right person is being sent for your job. Our Project Manager of your signage project oversees every job from start to finish. This provides 100% quality assurance on every signage job we deliver.

We will provide you with an accurate start date and projected completion date. If these time frames change throughout the course of the job, YOU are the first to know.

We also offer other installation services on items such as;

  • Locks
  • Letter Boxes
  • Lock Boxes
  • Electrical
  • Balustrading
  • Safety Products (i.e. Anti Skid / Reflective Tape)
  • Bollards
  • Concave Mirrors
  • Glass Art
  • Speed Humps
  • Car Bay Stops
  • Street Furniture
  • If you imagine it, we can install it!

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